Tips to Surviving in Lagos

Hey guys,

welcome back
Happy new month. The way this year is moving so fast scares me, like how are we even in March already?
I just moved back to Lagos after been away for 2 years.

My moving back to Lagos wasn’t by choice because if I had my way I wouldn’t come back to Lagos ever, but you know what, I’ve been here for just 4 days and I can already tell you I have learnt some new things.
Lagos is a beautiful city with a whole lot of beautiful and diverse people from different tribes and with different culture and beliefs.

If you are new to Lagos like me(although I am not a JJC in Lagos) you should definitely read through this tips to survive in Lagos, trust me you need it.

1. Be extra smart- This is one thing you need in Lagos, you just have to be smart and vigilant, you can not be slow or sluggish in Lagos, always be on the look out, someone beside you may just be thinking of stealing something from your bag without you even noticing. There are so many people with “evil missions” who resume work every morning on the road just to find what to steal. They are every where, not just the slums, so because you stay on the island or in the posh area doesn’t mean you won’t find them.

2. Be Patient – You can be smart but still fall into serious troubles. Patience is another important key to surviving in Lagos, its not every time you do gra-gra (if you know, you know
all you need some time is just be cool, calm and collected and let things fly.

3. Have a hustling spirit – There’s a popular saying that Lagos is a city that never sleeps. This is a fact that has been tested, people practically live on the road, just to make ends meet. I now wake up so early just to make sure I make it to work before 8am, you step out of the house early enough and you discover there is still traffic on the road, and this leaves you wondering if people sleep on the road. My little advise to anyone going for something important like an interview in Lagos, Please Leave your house EARLY, if not you’re gon’ be doing your interview in traffic.

4. Maintain Your Sanity – the truth is there are so many frustrated people in Lagos, like I wish you could see my face right now, people are stressed, they just need to ease out their stress. The stress turns to frustration and you just see someone shouting on top of their voice for reasons best known to them. Just always maintain your calm at every point in time because, you need your sanity in Lagos more than you’ll need it anywhere else trust me.

5. Forgive every morning – This is something I learnt from someone and has worked for me and I even need it more in Lagos because a way or the other someone will definitely step on your toes (no matter how well you know how to keep them from people) if nobody pisses you off just be rest assured that the Danfo Drivers and their conductors will.
what I do is every morning I pray to God to help me through my day and help me overlook whatever anyone does, I also forgive them before time.

6. Go about with a sanitizer – Lagos could be rough and dirty at times and asides that you get to come in contact with a lot of people everyday. There are so many people in Lagos and you don’t want to be in any kind of situation….

LAGOS people please you can help me with any more helpful tips, cos I need it and I think people planning to visit Lagos too could use these tips.

Till next time guys, Cheers

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