DAYCATION: La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana is a private 60-acre beach resort in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. The resort is a reflection of African beauty and elegance. It is a resort strictly known for its African themed style which was very evident from the entrance. The staffs were dressed in African print attires and majorly African delicacies are served. The resort apartments/huts are given African names; I remember seeing “Simi” – one of the huts on the beach. All this African details really made me feel at home.

La Campagne Tropicana has to be the best beach resort in Lagos when it comes to the sheer beauty of the scenery. Lagos beaches aren’t all that well maintained, but at the resort they do a good job of keeping it free of hawkers and trash are cleaned daily. The palm trees are an absolute delight and the grounds well looked after. The setting does take your breath away the first time you see it and it’s a nice environment to be in for a couple of days to get away from the city hustle and bustle.

There are so many things people won’t tell you about la champagne Tropicana, one of which is that it is very far away from civilization, it took us 2 hours to get there from Ajah, if only we knew it was far away from town as so we would have set out earlier than we did.

The resort seemed very relaxing because it wasn’t over crowded as the other popular Lagos beaches. The resort gives you that holiday feel with the beautiful palm trees.



The resort is best for vacations or getaway; that is if you have the money for it because the rooms are quite on the high side, the cheapest room there is about 60,000 naira/night which is so not cheap by any stretch.

We had a car drive us from the gate to the beach front although the distance was trek-able but the car served purpose because of the stuff we had to take in. The Staffs were welcoming but most of them were very unaware about some activities on the resort. There were games and activities like beach soccer, volleyball, kayaking on the lake and so on, but the issue here was on getting to the beach we didn’t see anyone to introduce these activities to us. We had no welcome briefing from anyone. Customer service is a bit poor. My friends and I intended to do some activities on the lake but to our surprise we were told the lake was closed for the day and that was about 5pm. If only we were told this from the start we would have gone for the activities a bit earlier.



The entry fee was 5,000 naira for adults, 3,000 naira for teenagers and 1,500naira for kids. This fee is just for entry as you have to pay an extra 1,000 naira if you are taking in food or drinks, this I feel is very unrealistic, why do I have to pay for the food I’m taking in? What then is the 5,000 naira for? I think they should just make it a flat rate of 6,000 naira for every adult going into the resort either with food or not.


Would I go back to the resort?

Did I have fun? Of course I did (my friends and I created the kind of fun we wanted) but I kept asking myself if I’m ever visiting La Campagne Tropicana Resort after this first visit and I couldn’t answer for a while. The honest truth is I can only go back there if I won’t be leaving the resort on the same day. I can go there again for a weekend getaway with my friend or bae. There is nothing extra ordinary about the resort with the fact that it’s so far away from where I stay and would have to spend half the time on the road is a major turn off for me.


Have you been to La Campagne Tropicana Resort? How was your experience?


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