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Ofada boy is a restaurant in the heart of Surulere lagos. It is a purely African themed restaurant where only Nigerian delicacies are served. The menu ranges from ofada rice (which is the major dish served) to Nkwobi, to garri, swallows and soups of all kind, Palm wine and the likes. I heard about the restaurant just a few weeks back and it seemed like the happening place in town, so I put it on my bucketlist. I actually wasn’t planning to go the day I did but I just felt why do I need to keep procrastinating if I can go now, so I looked up the address and off I went.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Surulere, 1 Mba street, off Tafawa Balewa, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere. The restaurant is located in such a coded place and if you are not familiar with the area, you could easily miss your way. When you get into the restaurant it’s so different from your regular restaurants on the Lagos mainland. It’s a cool hangout for authentic Nigerian food. It such a cozy, well put together and cool place for any meal of the day, be it Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

When in the restaurant you wish you do not have to leave, it’s so cool, and very neat. Cool songs were played, nothing too loud but loud enough for you to hear the songs been played. The restaurant has the African vibe going on, everything screams Africa/Nigeria, the interior décor, the outdoor setting which just makes it easy for you to feel at home. The staffs were all dressed in African prints. The staffs were nice and very informed about the foods on the menu which was a plus


I ordered Ofada yo from the various list of Ofada menu. Ofada yo is a plate of Ofada rice with the sauce, assorted meat, prawns, yo-yo fish and Palm wine to go. The Ofada rice and the assorted meat sauce was really nice though I wish the sauce was a little bit spicier. The yo-yo fish and prawns were a bit over salted but I enjoyed it still.
The palm wine was so nice I could go there every time to get more. It was sweet and seemed really fresh. It came in a 1litre keg.
The meal was really affordable compared to some other over priced restaurants in Lagos. The food was 1,800 while the Palm wine was 1,000, the total was 2,800 which is really reasonable.
The only issue I had with the restaurant were the flies that kept perching and disturbing me from enjoying my food. Aside this Ofada boy restaurant is it for me. I would definitely go back there again and again and again.

Can you tell I enjoyed my meal?


  1. Lol flies are big deal… I was enjoying the read and slowing teleporting to the restaurant until I bumped into flies… I love the idea behind the restaurant sha and oh, the food and palmwine! Your photography did justice…

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