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Event in the city – BudxLagos Photo Exhibition

So last Saturday I got to attend a Lagos event.
There is always so many events lined up in December especially in my city Lagos. There is always something to do or somewhere to go all week and weekend during this festive period.
During the week that just passed I saw a post on @everythingnaart instastory. She was giving out some tickets to go for Chi Modu’s Photography masterclass and Photo exhibition sponsored by Budweisser. I was one of the lucky few that got the ticket. 

Who is Chi Modu?
Chi Modu is a photo journalist, hiphop photographer and I personally want to call him a documentary photographer. As a student he got his first job as a Director of Photography at The Source, a hiphop magazine. While working at the source, he got to meet and develop a relationship with some artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J. He took it upon himself to take pictures of this guys. Chi was able to capture the musicians in candid, unexpected moments, due to his disarming manner and unique perspective. His photos include some of the most groundbreaking, memorable images of that era, including Tupac Smoking and Biggie WTC (standing in from of the World Trade Towers)

He not only chronicled and defined the most important phase of the hip hop movement, now a global force, he also was able to define the artists and show them as real people, rather than one-dimensional celebrities.


The event took place at The African Artists Foundation(AAF) Victoria Island, Lagos. Although it was a two day event, I attended just for a day and I was and still wowed by the knowledge and works of Chi Modu during the Q and A section. Most of the photos of Tupac, Biggie we still get to see were taken by Chi Modu.

The event had so many Nigerian celebrities present and it was also an avenue to network and meet people with like minds.


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